Tuesday, June 28, 2016

LATEST UPDATE - Laennec 2016 Sao Paulo

Dear friends:

Tereza and I are in final process of preparation LAENNEC-2016-SAO PAULO and we are glad that, finally, many of you will come (although we would like to meet you all here.)

Neil asked me to confirm and, yes, American, Japanese  and Canadian citizens have a special authorization to come to Brazil without Brazilian Visa in the present days ( June 1 - September 30) due to the Olympics.
Since Europe does not require VISA for Brazilians, European citizens have permanent  alowance to come to Brazil.

Winter has just arrived to Sao Paulo and this "cold weather "  ( 10 - 25 C, most times 18-22 C)  is not good for Aedes, so arboviroses such as Dengue and Zika will probably NOT to be a problem.

I hope until tomorrow I will send you individual Invitation Letters , hopefully fulfilling the needs of those who must present it to their university.  Anyhow, please, find attached herein the


Good news :

1.Those who will arrive early will have an extra-social activity : Since Tereza is exposing some of her watercolors in a colective exhibition, we will visit it and have dinner together at Zeffiro Restaurant on July 5th  = we will pick you up at Masksoud Plaza.

2. Those who will stay on Sunday will also have an extra-acitivity : We will walk together to a nice neighborhood around Avenida Paulista ( "our Fifth Avenue") and have lunch together.

Please, whatever you need, just let me know. Now,  for Tereza and for me, LAENNEC-2016-SAO PAULO has already started !

Welcome !!!!!


Registration fee (cash only, no change) = 300 Euros (US 330)