Thursday, February 5, 2015

Editorial on HCC biopsy in Hepatology

Dear Laennec friends,

Please see the Hepatology-Editorial (click here or image), Mike and I fought through regarding the HCC biopsy issue (for the cost of an anti-editorial from Jordi Bruix and Morris Sherman). Any kind of support, for example letter to the editor, more/new arguments, or local activities are certainly very helpful and appreciated. Maybe we could also discuss the issue at the next Laennec meeting again? Best wishes

Prof. Dr. P. Schirmacher
Institute of Pathology
University Hospital
Im Neuenheimer Feld 224
69120 Heidelberg
T: +49–6221–56–4161

Dear Laennec friends,

as promised, I have collected the comments that have reached me regarding the editorial and have tried to sort them (see attached). It may also be used as a starting point for our discussion in Paris – thus I would also like to hand it over to Valerie by this. Mike and I would certainly be very happy if this discussion evolves further for the aim of getting HCC biopsy and fostering the position of liver pathology. Best wishes